Knee sleeves

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Enjoy rides on colder days with our Extrameile knee warmers. Thanks to modern materials, they weigh only 90g, but they perfectly protect your joints from the cold and wind. more

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Knee sleeves M On stock 34 €
Knee sleeves L On stock 34 €

Leg and knee warmers are designed for a wide range of cyclists - not just for professional racers.

The lightweight elastic material dries quickly and keeps warm. It has a pleasant feeling on the skin. The low-weight material has good thermal insulation properties and wind resistance. The upper part of the sleeves is finished with a silicone cuff, which reliably anchors the sleeves in the right place. 

The sewing is realized by a flat seam, so that the sleeves are comfortable to wear and don't shift even during long rides.


Sleeve length M, L