Welcome to Extramile!

Cycling enthusiasts will find the perfect clothing at Extrameile. All our products are designed and manufactured in Slovakia.


Our vision is to achieve a little more every day - in sports, at work and in private life. All of our founders and employees are successful also outside of Extrameile, but we wanted to do more. That's why we founded Extrameile to support our favorite sport. We wanted to take the opportunity to create something new, useful, and unique. Our vision is to make more kilometers every day, but also to help our customers achieve their goals and extra miles.


Quality and innovation: Each of us is highly motivated to constantly improve and work on ourselves. Every day we learn, acquire new skills and face new challenges. We transfer all this to the extra mile! This applies to our product quality, service, design, the choice of materials... Extrameile is there for you. We take care of you and your satisfaction first and then everything else. We follow the motto that obstacles are only there to be overcome. We don't wait, we act proactively.

Our team

Michal AlexaMichael Alexa

My job at Extrameil is to make sure that the company's vision is visible in everything we do. I support my colleagues with advice and action. It's always good to have support when things aren't going the way you'd like... When I was 16 I weighed 102kg, but thanks to racing bikes I made it back then, 26 in 4 months kg "to lose weight". This has definitely changed my life for the better. Today I prefer to go hiking or judo, but the bike is always ready for a weekend ride. In the little free time I have, I train with my dog, Kali, to read tracks. If there is still time left, I won't say "no" to a good book!

Goetz LessmannGoetz Lessman

My road bike speaks for itself and for me. It's a custom carbon frame, with Dura Ace and custom carbon brakes and cranks. The sleek, beautiful design is not disturbed by anything. I'm a purist and I'm not afraid to say what I think to the point. 20 years ago, when I drove around 1,000 to 2,000 km every month, I always wished for a brand like Extrameile. But it didn't exist then. My job at Extrameil is to bring my standards of simplicity, quality and simplicity into the design and production.

Michael Vrba

I like to listen to the needs of our customers and my goal is always to find the best solution for you. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me, which is what makes Extrameile m different from other brands. I've been mountain biking my whole life. Day trips have grown into larger trips to different countries. For me, the longing for adventure is stronger than the worry of getting lost.

Eduard Gruy

The bike is my constant companion on the way to work. It's also not the most comfortable or fastest mode of transport, but it's the perfect way to wake up and clear your head. At Extramile I keep the gears turning!